Robots Have Hearts (and Will Serve Yours for Dinner)

Ryan here…

So I’m getting really sick of this whole “Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse” thing. Sure, it’s gonna happen. We’ve established this by asking your mom through scientific data. But isn’t it time we stop getting drunk at 2 A.M. and ask each other where would be the best place to go once we realized the dead were rising with a taste for brains? Besides, there’s something a little more sexy immediate to worry about, and it’s already on everyone’s mind.

Here’s a hint. Not this guy:

8-bit Warrior from the past who will return in time to save us…?

Still can’t guess? Another hint?




Not sold? There’s a short film by the amazing Ruairi Robinson that will convince you otherwise embedded below—and believe me when I tell you it’s worth a look. Running just under 13 minutes, this story has more clearly defined characters, better slow-burn scares without resorting to orchestra blast “jump” scenes, and more heart than horror films seven times its length.

Whoa. Wait a second. Did I really say that? Heart? In a horror/sci-fi cautionary tale? Wait…that makes no sense, because idiots who’ve never watched a movie Hollywood has taught me there’s no room for that kind of stuff in a HORROR movie. It’s all about girls getting diced one by one until the hottest dame is left, right? If not, then it’s gotta be about how realistic the guts and compound fractures look…isn’t it? It’s about insane marketing campaigns. Low risk, high returns. Yeah, we could go on about the current state of mainstream horror, but I’m too busy looking at magazines I found under my dad’s bed dating supermodels.

The point is, a great piece of art—no matter what genre—should leave you with more than what was on the page or screen. It stays with you long after the final frame. It makes you think. It makes you wonder. And, for us horror fans, not always optimistically. Bottom line: If you got a story that’s good, inject some heart into it to make it great.

So here at last, I bring you the heartbreakingly horrific tale of…

Blinky™ from Ruairi Robinson.

Ryan out.

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3 Responses to Robots Have Hearts (and Will Serve Yours for Dinner)

  1. Melissa says:

    I was eager to see this video after reading the intriguing and clever synopsis by Ryan Bridger. Blinky captivated me, I wanted to watch more!

  2. Ryan says:

    Clever? Are you a robot? 100101101001110100?

  3. Masonian says:

    Awwwwww, Blinky just wants to be your friend!

    And make a mean meatball.

    Hats off to Ryan Bridger. (And yes, nothing kills bears)

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