Courting the Queen of Gingerbread Ashes

The debut issue of Arcane is available to order. It is published/edited by Nathan Shumate, who I believe was behind Arkham Tales. I never read Arkham Tales, but it looked good. As does Arcane

And it features stories by fellow Totemites, issue #3 author Amanda C. Davis (“Courting the Queen of Sheba”) and issue #4 author Jaelithe Ingold (“Gingerbread and Ashes”).

Digital copies are $2.99 and the print version is $7.99. Consider checking it out. I imagine it has at least two good stories in it.

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2 Responses to Courting the Queen of Gingerbread Ashes

  1. Kaolin Fire says:

    What is it with first issues and strange mouths? [GUD0]

    Does look good =)

  2. Indeed.

    Or bellybuttons. Haha.

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