Muerte Con Carne

Marta is a bitchy ball-buster who knows Felix will do anything for her. Although unsure of Marta’s plan to cross into Mexico to film a documentary about illegal immigrants, he agrees to help her, as Marta knew he would. She is also hoping to find out what happened to her parents, from whom she was separated as a little girl.

She plans to wear a tiny camera, set into a crucifix, around her neck, which will provide feedback to Felix’s computer.

After one of their frequent fights, Marta takes off into Mexico, leaving Felix behind. But Marta, while tough, is no match for the crazy family that kidnaps her before she can cross back into America. Not only do they want her to mate with the mentally-challenged but insanely strong son, they have kidnapped others who will provide meat for their taco stand.

Marta realizes this and is horrified because she had eaten at the stand earlier that day—yet she is also craving the forbidden food when its aroma envelops the house. She also has to fight for her life against the giant son, who is a wrestler—but he doesn’t go up against other wrestlers. His opponents are Mexicans trying to get to the border, and are no match for the brutality they find themselves trying to survive.

Felix realizes Marta is in danger and does everything he can to get to her. But will he be successful or sautéed?

This is extreme horror at its best. It’s suspenseful, nasty, and completely disgusting. I loved it. Shane McKenzie doesn’t pull his punches; he lets his readers have it without one shred of remorse.

Muerte Con Carne is another literary knife to the gut from a great author.

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Sheri White is a horror writer and reviewer who lives in a small town in Maryland with her family. She has been published in several small-press magazines and anthologies, and also writes for her local paper. When not out and about with her kids, she can usually be found online; she is a Facebook addict. Contact information: Email: Facebook:
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