The One-Hour Flash Fiction Challenge

This Saturday, August 8th, at 8 PM EST, we will once again be hosting our bi-weekly flash fiction challenge. The challenge: You have just one hour to write, edit, and post your story.

This is a “prompted” challenge, meaning your story must be based on the prompt, which will be revealed just before 8 PM. The challenge takes place here on our forum, so you’ll need an account if you want to participate.

The purpose of the challenge is to force you, the writer, to clear your mind of all distractions and write a complete 1,000-word-or-less story within the allotted time. You’ll have to not only write the story, but also edit it, and then post it by 9 PM EST.

For those interested, here are the rules:

Unlike our bi-monthly flash fiction contest, the bi-weekly one-hour flash challenge is just for fun. The challenge will be held every other Saturday, officially beginning at exactly 8 PM EST. There are no prizes! And the rules are simple.

1. All stories should be complete, written and posted within one hour, and can be anywhere from one sentence to 1,000 words in length.

2. You may choose to write your story in any genre.

3. Your story must be built around the restrictions—words, themes, photo prompts, word limits, etc.—provided by the Flashmaster at the beginning of the challenge.

4. Once the participants’ work is posted, the voting and comment session begins and continues until all votes are in. Time limit for voting will be determined on the spot, depending on how many people finish the challenge.

5. The winner becomes Flashmaster and hosts the next contest.

And that’s it. Simple and fun.

Think you can do it? Join the forum and be present this coming Saturday at 8 PM EST. More information can be found on the forum.

About K. Allen Wood

K. Allen Wood is the editor/publisher of Shock Totem. For more info, visit his website at
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10 Responses to The One-Hour Flash Fiction Challenge

  1. Draven Ames says:

    This sounds like a whole lot of fun. I’ll try to make it.

  2. John Boden says:

    I’m the flash prompt master this go round, so expect somthing unique.

  3. Draven Ames says:

    That was a great prompt this time around.

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  5. Joe says:

    Ah, rats! I keep missing these!

  6. That is a great idea – I can feel the adrenaline pumping already and I haven’t even started one of these challenges yet! I torture myself sometimes quite voluntarily in very similar ways just to get the juices flowing. It’s a great exercise for any writer.

    I am determined to do one of these and I’ll have to make sure I get the timing right as I’m in the UK and so going by GMT rather than EST or PST or ESP or whatever time it is over your way…I could be writing this in your yesterday or your tomorrow, y’know. Freaky.

    One thing I’ve often noticed about writing fast is that it can go either way. I either end up writing astonishing stuff that surges up full formed from the subconscious mind or complete and utter dog dung because my poor brain fuses. In public, that’s quite a risk to take. But I like risks, so…yeah – I look forward to the next one I can make – and more, reading the results of other folks stabs at this!

  7. Cat Jenkins says:

    Never done this before. Just joined the site,
    but I’ll try to figure out where to go & what to do when the time is right!
    (or is that…’write’?) ;)

  8. In the second paragraph above, there is a link to our forum. The challenges are held there. It’s a good time. =)

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