Closed for Summer Break

Shock Totem Publications has locked the doors and barred the windows. It’s vacation time! We will reopen for submissions on August 1. If you have a story with us now, expect a response soon.

[ Caption altered. Original cartoon by Christopher Weyant ]

Until then…

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3 Responses to Closed for Summer Break

  1. Tim Lieder says:

    So when you return in August, does that mean you will be reading for issue 5? Or have you already been reading for issue 5?

  2. We’ve been reading for issue #5. We have nothing for it yet, though.

  3. i don’t want to get too carried away with the hype, but after studying your ways and learning to write with two hands instead of one, i have tonight completed the greatest submission of my life for you, which will ding your inbox the very second the vacancy sign turns on. in fact, after i send it, regardless of what happens, i may stop writing forever and open a bait shop to live out my final days utterly content…

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