July Flash Fiction Contest

Every other month we host a flash fiction contest on our forum. The next contest begins on Friday, July 1.

Participants have one week to write a story based on a prompt that we provide. The prompt must be integral to the story. This requirement, we hope, forces writers to pen a brand-new tale rather than submit some previously written or reworked story.

When the week is up, the stories are anonymously posted in the hidden contest forum. The entrants then have three weeks to read each story and vote on their top three. Additionally, most give feedback on each story, thus ensuring everyone gets something out of the contest.

The winner of that month wins a prize. At the end of the year, a guest judge picks an overall winner that will then be published in our January 2012 issue.

If interested, sign up here. It’s a good time.

About K. Allen Wood

K. Allen Wood is the editor/publisher of Shock Totem. For more info, visit his website at www.kallenwood.com.
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