Brutal As Hell Reviews The Wicked

Getting a Google Alert that links a review of The Wicked on a site called Brutal As Hell is a scary thing. Not having heard of the site before, I was worried that it was some elitist website run by a bunch of literary snobs that just shred anything read by more than 3.75 people.

Luckily, Brutal As Hell is a site we should all be reading. Fantastic stuff over there! And I’m happy to say, the reviewer, Marc Patterson, gave The Wicked a great review. If you have a moment, give it a read, or at least bookmark the site.

“At 325 pages long The Wicked is a surprisingly quick read thanks to Newman’s immersive storytelling that propels you deep into the pages at a frenzied pace. Time will be lost quickly as you rabidly consume this horrifying tale.”

Have you picked up your copy yet?

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  1. Marc says:

    Thanks for the mention Ken. I laughed when I read your description of what you thought we were. (For some filmmakers we ARE that). Perhaps you have stumbled upon a new business model for us to explore! In the meantime I’m happy to support Mr. Newman and the work you fine folks do over here.

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