Waiting Out Winter

Nick and his cronies have been out of town on their yearly summer hunting excursion. They return to civilization to find things changed. The streets are devoid of any signs of life. Windows boarded up or covered in plastic. A stop at a gas station and the subsequent encounter with a sickly old man only escalates their dread and growing unease.

They arrive to their town to find it much like the others they’ve traveled through: desolate, empty and aching. They find their own homes boarded up and foreboding. Upon reconnecting with their families they learn what is behind the drastic changes in the atmosphere and demeanor of the town, the people—them. The small culprits will not be easy to avoid but if they can just hold out until winter…

Kelli Owen speaks with a very stern voice in this nervy tale of man messing with nature with dire consequences. You can tell from the writing that there is a great angry passion here, flowing from the writer to what is written. Which is not to say it is handled in a heavy-handed manner, quite the opposite, it plays out so realistically and understated that you almost don’t realize you’re getting a slim sermon while being frightened by what’s buzzing in the sink.

Waiting Out Winter is available through Kelli Owen’s official website.

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