Horrorfind Weekend

This coming Friday through Sunday, John, Sarah and I will be down in Gettysburg, PA, for this year’s Horrorfind convention. Shock Totem #3 authors Amanda C. Davis and S. Clayton Rhodes will be in attendance, as well as James Newman, who will also be reading from The Wicked Friday evening.

We had hoped to have a bigger presence this year, possibly seeing some of our authors on panels and the Horror Writers guest list. Unfortunately, despite for three months calling the number on the website, leaving voicemails, and e-mailing the people in charge of organizing the event, we were never able to make it happen.

I got one reply out of at least a dozen e-mails sent, and that came on August 20, seventeen days after I sent the e-mail it was in response to (and months after I first contacted them).

“Unfortunately, our author guest list & reading schedule has already been finalized and we are not taking any additional requests for readings at this year’s event.”

According to the website, there are ten authors on the guest list, eight of which are Samhain Publishing authors. With absolutely no disrespect meant to those authors or the publisher, I find that to be rather unprofessional. Of course, that should come as no surprise to anyone who reads Brian Keene’s blog.

If this sounds like complaining, it’s not. It’s disappointment. Not only were we ignored by the organizers, but our authors were as well, and I know that stings them more than it does me.

That said, I’m glad to see the fantastic Damien Walters Grintalis on the guest list. She’ll be selling pre-release copies of her debut novel, Ink. Yeah! And Ronald Malfi, who is quickly becoming my favorite small-press author, will be on hand, so I’m looking forward to meeting him if possible, and maybe picking up some of his work I don’t own. Nick Cato will be there. Mangos! David G. Blake and his lovely wife, Dawn, will hopefully be there. Plenty of other cool-cool cats will be on hand as well (I just can’t remember who at the moment).

And us! Yes, we will be present and available. And we will have limited copies of Shock Totem, The Wicked—which James will gladly sign—and a few other things our work is featured in. If you’d like to buy anything, let us know. Perhaps we’ll set up shop in the lobby or have a boot sale in the parking lot.

On Sunday we’re planning a pilgrimage up to York to visit the York Emporium, which according to John is the “coolest bookstore” he’s ever been to. Looking forward to it.

See you there?

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K. Allen Wood is the editor/publisher of Shock Totem. For more info, visit his website at www.kallenwood.com.
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6 Responses to Horrorfind Weekend

  1. Brian Keene says:

    Drop me a line if you guys want to meet up for lunch near the Emporium on Sunday!

  2. Christopher Seibert says:

    All I’m going to say is that is pretty darn unprofessional for a con that’s been around for as long (and as successful) as the Horrorfind Weekend, on both how they dealt with ST and Brian Keene. Having said that, it will still be a great weekend and I certainly look forward to some ST merch! Any chance of the new issue rearing it’s ugly head in your bag-o-goodies?!

  3. Brian: I know we plan on doing something Sunday, but I don’t know the time or location yet. We’ll figure that out once we get to PA. I’ll let you know. =)

    Chris: I wish. Issue #5 will be done very soon, but not in time for this weekend. Maybe Killercon, though. That probably does you no good, I know. Haha.

  4. And before I forget, Chris, can you bring that Kevn Kinney CD? =)

  5. James Newman says:

    Kevn Kinney = Drivin’ n’ Cryin’, right?

  6. Yes, sir. Love that cat.

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