Losing Touch

Losing Touch, Christian A Larsen’s debut novel, wasn’t quite what I was expecting. Regardless, I was quickly caught up in the storyline and clear writing, and taken to an ending I didn’t see coming but thoroughly enjoyed.

Morgan Dunsmore is a normal, everyday guy dealing with normal, everyday things—such as being unemployed and trying to make the bills, keeping a happy home-life with his wife (also unemployed due to an injury) and raising two kids. He does what a lot of us would do. He tries to put a positive spin on things, and stop thinking about the things he can’t change. But then things begin to change in ways he could never have foreseen, and can’t control at all. At first.

Losing Touch is a story that’s part mundane reality and part learning to face the scary unknown. In the real world, just trying to take care of all the things that need taking care of can be exhausting and frightening; add to that the fact that Morgan is beginning to disappear physically as well as figuratively, and what you get is a convoluted path through a man’s moral dilemma. If you can go anywhere you want to go, and nothing can keep you out…how far will you go before you lose yourself?

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Writer, reader, dog-mom. Lives in the high-mountain desert, but longs for the sea. Has quite an imagination, too.
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8 Responses to Losing Touch

  1. Shiney says:

    Good job, Rose! Nice review.

  2. Rose says:

    Thanks, Shiney :)

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  4. Maureen says:

    Well-written review! I love the last line. That should be on the cover of the book!

  5. Rose says:

    Thanks, Maureen! I would be okay with that :)

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