Rockin’ and a-Shockin’

This weekend is the yearly Rock and Shock event out in Worcester, MA. Like last year I’ll be sharing a booth with Tom and Billie from Sideshow Press/Gallows Press. We’ll also be sharing space with author and owner of T.R.O. Publishing, Robert J. Duperre, and artist Jesse Young, who did the excellent cover art and illustrations for our edition of James Newman’s The Wicked.

There will also be some lesser-known celebrities in attendance, such as Jack Ketchum, Jason Mewes, Dee Snider, Robert Patrick, Michael Rooker, Kane Hodder, William Forsythe, and some dude name Robert Eggland…or something like that.

The convention runs from 5 PM Friday till 5 PM Sunday. So stop by, say hello, buy some books. It should be a great time.

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3 Responses to Rockin’ and a-Shockin’

  1. Lee Thompson says:

    Can’t wait, bro!

  2. John Boden says:

    Man, I wish I could be there…Sounds like a blast!

  3. It’s usually a pretty fun time. I’ve never done the whole weekend before. And on Sunday, it’s okay to spray everyone with Faygo!

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