And the 2012 Flash Fiction Contest Winner is…

Magnolia’s Prayer
by John Guzman

As many of you know, throughout the year we host a bi-monthly flash fiction contest on our forum (not to be confused with the bi-weekly one-hour flash challenge). From those bi-monthly winners, an overall winner is chosen by a neutral judge, to be published in the next issue of Shock Totem.

This year’s judge was up-and-coming horror scribe Adam Cesare, author of the brilliant Tribesmen, Video Night, and the just-released Bound by Jade novella.

Of the five bi-monthly winning stories from 2012, Adam chose “Magnolia’s Prayer,” by John Guzman, as the winner. This story was based on the strange prompt of undelivered mail.

You’ll be able to read “Magnolia’s Prayer” in issue #6.

Not the final cover.

Congratulations, John!

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3 Responses to And the 2012 Flash Fiction Contest Winner is…

  1. Steve Bouchard says:

    Congratulations, John! I had a feeling Magnolia would win.
    Now I wish I had placed some money on it.

  2. Jason L says:

    Congrats! Well earned.

  3. Fantastic story! Congratulations, John! And you’re in issue #6, which has my favorite cover!

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