A Wicked Awesome Shock Totem Contest

As some of you know, issue #5 has been delayed until July 2012. However, in March 2012 we will be publishing our first novel. In celebration of that, I thought we’d hold a contest.

The first person to figure out the cypher at the bottom of that picture will win the following:

    1. One copy of our upcoming novel (title to be revealed once the contest is won), signed by the author.
    2. One copy each of the first four Shock Totem issues.
    3. One copy of Werewolves and Shapeshifters: Encounters with the Beasts Within, a massive tome edited by John Skipp and featuring our very own Mercedes M. Yardley, among other greats.
    4. A one-year (12 issues) digital subscription to one of my favorite publications, Apex Magazine.
    5. And because I have an extra, one old-ass (but in very good condition) copy of The Magazine of Fantasy of Science Fiction, from July 1970, which features the only appearance of Dean Koontz’s “The Mysteries of His Flesh,” the short story that would later be expanded to become his sixth novel, Anti-Man*.

      * Trivia: Dean’s preferred—and better—title was the same as the short story, “The Mysteries of His Flesh,” but the publisher thought it sounded “too gay.”

      Obviously this contest is a bit tougher than most, but I want you to work for those prizes. That said, it’s not as hard as it looks. All the clues you need to lead you to the answer are in this post.

      Post your answers in the comments below. First person to post the correct answer wins!

      (Some of you are ineligible to win, as you know the answer. We know who you are!)

      Amendment: If you guess right, I will ask how you got to that answer. A wild guess that happens to be correct will not count. If you have truly figured it out, you will have no doubt that your answer is correct.

      Amendment #2: If you think you have the correct answer, please post it in the comments section below like others have been doing, that way your answer is time-stamped. But also send me an e-mail at ken@shocktotem.com explaining how you came to that answer.

      About K. Allen Wood

      K. Allen Wood is the editor/publisher of Shock Totem. For more info, visit his website at www.kallenwood.com.
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      22 Responses to A Wicked Awesome Shock Totem Contest

      1. Jonathan Kevin says:

        For some reason I came up with

        The Wyvern

      2. Are you guys just guessing? If you have it right, you will have no doubt.

      3. squire boone says:


      4. Peter Riccio says:

        Squire, get back to work! I’m frying my brain over this one. :)

      5. Rob says:

        This is driving me absolutely nuts, and it’s probably as plain as the nose on my face.

      6. Am I the only one who sees Hitler’s face in the windshield?

        Once you see it, you can’t unsee it!

      7. Jonathan Kevin says:

        I thought it was Poe.

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      9. Jay says:

        If this is a double crytogram (including anagrams) then this may be:

        The Drains

        If it is just a single cryptogram then I have:

        Son Riaeth … and that doesn’t really make sense :)

      10. Rob says:

        I see the face in the winshield which I also thought was Poe….and also a red bird on the roof.

      11. Jay says:

        SIGH – if I use a logical anagram (where the first three letters cannot be intermingled with the six letter word) I get ‘His Ardent’ – again, doesn’t make sense!

        I’m going to kick myself when the answer is given because, even with trying polyphonic substitution, and equating the numbers to the most ‘popular’ letters in the alphabet (higher being equal to more popular) I can’t get this to make sense :/

      12. I have added another amendment, which applies to everyone who has already posted an answer here. It’s not an unfair change or anything; it’s just a change so that I know any guess is not a wild guess.


      13. Jay says:

        I’ve sent you my ‘working out’ but, as admitted in the email, while it isn’t from a wild guess it doesn’t make sense! :)

      14. And we have a winner!

      15. Cate Gardner says:

        Thank the lord for that I was about to drive myself insane.

      16. Rob says:

        Dear God, give us the breakdown…

      17. I’m slightly disturbed that, while everyone else is obviously seeing Poe, my mind immediately went to Hitler. Try not to read too much into that.

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      19. Don’t worry, Justin, we won’t hold it against you. Haha.

        Anyway, folks, I’ve added a new post to the site about the winner and the answer.


        Congrats, Bec!

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