Ugly As Sin Cover Reveal

Coming later this month, James Newman’s Ugly As Sin! Here is the amazing cover art created by Mikio Murakami (with additional layout work by Yannick Bouchard)…

Covers by Mikio Murakami. Layout by Yannick Bouchard.

Nick Bullman was a wrestling superstar. His alter ego, The Widowmaker, was the monster heel all the marks loved to hate.

Now, after a brutal encounter with two psychotic fans left his face horribly disfigured, he’s just a monster.

Yanked from the spotlight and thrust into the shadows, these days Nick tries to live the life of an average Joe. He avoids mirrors. He’s angry. He’s alone. And he likes it just fine that way . . .

Until he receives a desperate phone call from a young lady he barely knows—his daughter.

For the first time in over thirty years, Nick returns to his hometown of Midnight, North Carolina. There he will come face to face with old demons, forge new friendships, and make enemies far more dangerous than those who ruined his face, all in a quest to save the granddaughter he’s never met . . . and maybe find a little bit of redemption along the way.

Ugly As Sin is an electrifying tale of “white-trash noir,” a taut page-turner that skates the razor edge of a familiar, horrifying reality. At times heartbreaking, funny, and terrifyingly suspenseful, Ugly As Sin is Newman’s best work to date.

Praise for Ugly As Sin:

Ugly As Sin is James Newman’s best book yet! I loved every brutal, violent, pulpy page, and I recommend the hell out of it!”

Jeff Strand, author of Dead Clown Barbecue, Faint of Heart, and Gleefully Macabre Tales

Ugly As Sin is a terrific page-turner, a body slam of a book that features tough-guy noir, freakish horrors, and human redemption. James Newman skillfully spins a spiral of suspense that pulls you in and won’t let go.”

Brian Pinkerton, Author of Killer’s Diary, Rough Cut, and How I
Started the Apocalypse

Ugly As Sin is brutal, fast-paced, grimy fun, a compulsive page-turner with characters you’ll be deeply invested in by story’s end.”

Blu Gilliand, The October Country

Ugly As Sin has about as vicious a premise as I’ve ever come across. It’s not what it first appears to be. It’s worse. Wrapped inside its mystery and ticking-clock hunt is the most jaundiced indictment possible of the corrupted soul of celebrity culture…its feeders and especially its fed.”

Brian Hodge, Author of Picking the Bones and Whom the
Gods Would Destroy

“James Newman is one of my favorite authors. His novels are always engrossing and entertaining. I can’t recommend his works highly enough.”

John R. Little, author of Miranda, The Memory Tree, and Ursa Major

The paperback/digital editions of Ugly As Sin feature exclusive artwork and bonus material. Look for it in late November.

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3 Responses to Ugly As Sin Cover Reveal

  1. Tim Ward says:

    Super cool cover. Very excited to read this. Congrats to all involved, especially James. You really impressed me with The Wicked, and I’m really jonsin for another ride in similar fashion.

  2. James Newman says:

    Much appreciated, Tim! Can’t wait to hear what you think . . . just know that the difference between THE WICKED and UGLY AS SIN is like the difference between night and day. If it weren’t for my “voice” (which I’d like to think is instantly recognizable as my own), it might be hard to tell that they written by the same guy.

    You’re gonna dig UGLY AS SIN, though. I have a good feeling about it. :)


  3. Tim Ward says:

    While I really enjoyed how The Wicked created empathetic characters and a wicked cool antagonist, the voice was the strongest appeal. It was Horror that was both easy to read and terrifying. That is hard to find and so rewarding when you do. That’s why I’m excited for Ugly as Sin. I have checked back here and on Goodreads so many times this month in anticipation of the announcement. You guys are killing me.

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