Shock Totem Publications (commonly referred to as Shock Totem) is an American small-press publisher specializing in dark fantasy and horror. It was founded in 2008 by author K. Allen Wood. He is assisted by John Boden, Sarah Gomes, and Barry Lee Dejasu.

The debut issue of Shock Totem: Curious Tales of the Macabre and Twisted, a digest-sized magazine of fiction and nonfiction, was first published in July 2009. To date, ten issues have been released, as well as three special holiday issues (Christmas 2011, Valentine’s Day 2014, and Halloween 2014).

Shock Totem Publications entered into book publishing in 2012 with James Newman’s limited edition 2007 novel, The Wicked, which was revised and expanded with new artwork and an exclusive tie-in short story.


  K. Allen Wood

E-mail: ken@shocktotem.com
Twitter: @kallenwood
Blog: www.kallenwood.com


Sarah Wood
Copy Editor

E-mail: sarah@shocktotem.com

  John Boden
Contributing Editor

E-mail: john@shocktotem.com
Blog: www.etiquetteofboobytraps.com


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