Thank You, Brian Keene!

Brian Keene, bestselling horror author of such titles as The Rising, Ghoul, Earthworm Gods, and The Lost Level, recently listed his top 10 favorite books published in 2014 on his podcast, The Horror Show.

In the fifth episode of The Horror Show, Keene listed Dominoes, written by our own John Boden and illustrated by Yannick Bouchard, at #8!

Click for full-size images.

Mr. Keene was taken by the “really interesting production” of the book, in particular its deceptively Little Golden Book-inspired layout and illustrations. “It’s a really cool little thing!” he said.

We here at Shock Totem thank you very much for the shout-out, Mr. Keene!

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Horror After Dark Interviews Shock Totem

Charlene over at Horror After Dark recently interviewed me and John. Charlene is great and it was good fun!

Check it out here.

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Dominoes Wins a DRAWA!

We are excited and humbled to announce that Dominoes has won a Written Backwards Award, also known as a DRAWA. These awards are given by Michael Bailey, editor of Chiral Mad, and seek to “celebrate the recognition of a literary marvel,” which leaves our very own John Boden in some impressive company that includes Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, and Joe Hill.

As Bailey said in his announcement: “The following works were admired greatly, and can forever be considered literary marvels from this point onward.” Go to his blog for the full list of winners, as well as recipients of the Presence, Inspiration, and Voice DRAWA.

Congratulations, John Boden, on this recognition of your talents. We’d also like to share this award with illustrator Yannick Bouchard, who was the other half of Dominoes, with a creative vision that complimented John’s prose and made our “Little Horror Book” complete.

Dominoes can be purchased via Amazon or our webstore.

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Staff Spotlight: The Exquisite Death Audiobook

Several Totemites make an appearance in the Exquisite Death audiobook, which was released by In Ear Entertainment on August 13, 2013.

The book features “Ray the Vampire” and “The Exquisite Beauty of Death” by Mercedes M. Yardley, Shock Totem staff member and contributor to Shock Totem #1.

Cate Gardner, featured in Shock Totem #2, is represented by “Opheliac” and “Reflective Curve of a Potion Bottle.”

Also included is “The Plumber,” by Anthony J. Rapino (interviewed here on the Shock Totem blog) and Benjamin Kane Ethridge’s “Chester” and Todd Keisling’s “Radio Free Nowhere” complete the collection.

What’s even better? Using the code TearsOfBlood will get you 15% off the purchase price, making the audiobook less than $5.

Click here to purchase in GBP (£). 
Click here to purchase in USD ($).
Click here to purchase in Euro (€).


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Staff Spotlight: It Definitely Explains the Smell

Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead?

Earlier today, in an attempt to see if one forum member was using two accounts, I tried to figure out how to look up IP addresses through the admin panel of our forum. I could only figure out how to check the IPs of those currently logged in, so since Mercedes was the only one on the forum besides guests, I checked hers.

(It was all for research purposes, I assure you. I was fully clothed—aside from shirt, pants, and underwear.)

But here’s what I found odd. Accompanying her IP info, which was pinging from Maryland, was this image:

Weird, eh? So I did a little investigating. (Again, for research purposes only.) Upon further inspection, it appears that Mercedes lives under a plot on the western side of the Druid Ridge Cemetery in Pikesville, Maryland.

Here is a more detailed image:

Can’t say I’m surprised, really. In fact, a lot of things about her are much clearer now. It definitely explains the smell. But we wouldn’t trade her in for anything.

As the sagacious Violent J once said: “Cemetery lady, my cemetery girl. Cemetery baby, I want you in my world.”

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