Kevin J. Anderson Talks Writing

Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert kicked off separate multi-city book tours on January 3 in support of their just-released collaborative novel, Sisterhood of Dune. Check out this inspirational video from Kevin’s tour stop in Denver, CO.

And if you’re looking for more inspiration, follow Kevin on Twitter and Facebook. The man is a writing machine!

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Screaming in Digital

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally happened. All four issues of Shock Totem plus our brand-new holiday e-book are now available for the Kindle (other formats coming soon). The first two issues and the holiday issue are $0.99, while issues 3 and 4 are $1.99 (because they’re nearly double in size).

[ from one of my all-time favorite albums ]

I originally paid to have issue #1 done by a “professional.” I wasn’t too impressed. So I decided to attempt to teach myself. Easier said that done when you’re as busy as me. But when we decided to do this new holiday issue, which was to be an e-book release, I had no choice but to buckle down and learn the formatting. I wasn’t paying anyone $150 for a two-month turnaround on a rather unimpressive-for-the-cost product.

So this past Monday, after Anthocon, I sat down and began teaching myself how to rock this formatting. A week later, and all our issues are done, including a redesign of issue #1 so that it matches the others.

If you’ve been waiting to check us out, now is the perfect time. All four main issues and the holiday issue for LESS THAN $7! That’s a wicked deal.

Click here to purchase them from, or click the DIGITAL link at the top of our site for additional options.

And please, if you see any issues with the layout, let me know. As I mentioned, I’m a total noob at this e-design stuff. Thanks!

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A Weston Ochse Reading: Playlist at the End

Las Vegas, September 21, 2011, KillerCon. Weston Ochse reads—and rocks—”Playlist at the End,” his short story from the fourth issue of Shock Totem.

(Unfortunately the audio and video go out of sync a bit at the end.)

If you dig it, consider picking up an issue of Shock Totem or other works from Weston. Your support is always appreciated.

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Drink with the Living Dead

Check out the new animated video for Ghoultown’s epic “Drink with the Living Dead,” from the fantastic Life After Sundown.

When you’re done watching, swing on over to and pick up some of their wares.

Support brilliance!

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Robots Have Hearts (and Will Serve Yours for Dinner)

Ryan here…

So I’m getting really sick of this whole “Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse” thing. Sure, it’s gonna happen. We’ve established this by asking your mom through scientific data. But isn’t it time we stop getting drunk at 2 A.M. and ask each other where would be the best place to go once we realized the dead were rising with a taste for brains? Besides, there’s something a little more sexy immediate to worry about, and it’s already on everyone’s mind.

Here’s a hint. Not this guy:


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Animosity Killed the Cat

James Newman, whom we first interviewed in issue #2, has been giving us the dark side of humanity for years. Through the characters of his novels and stories. He knows how to take everyday folks and everyday scenarios and skew them into something disturbing and dark. Be it the story of a young boy’s fraying tether to his youth in Midnight Rain, or the populace of his collection People Are Strange, with Newman…you never quite get what you think he’s offering: This writer’s hand often extends with a palm full of candy—candy that turns to worms and razors when you take it. I cannot think of any finer praise for his work than that.

His latest novel, Animosity, promises to leave all the others in the dust. It is a harrowing and intense book. I was fortunate enough to get an early copy and read it in days. Amazing and honest. Absorbing. I could keep listing adjectives but I won’t. It’s a great book, and as soon as it becomes available to the public, grab it. It is ready to be pre-ordered, in limited/signed hardcover edition here, Necessary Evil Press.

Here is the book trailer for Newman’s Animosity.

Dig on it!

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Butterflies and Battleaxes

Hey, it’s my YouTube debut, and it doesn’t involve any singing or dancing! Check out this reading of my essay “Butterflies and Battleaxes,” a chapter from my Williams Syndrome memoir.

Thanks to Mason Bundschuh of Atlas Takes Aim for the uber cool music and JBund for the very striking video.

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A Conversation with Alan Robert

The name Alan Robert may not ring many bells within the horror community, but if my measure is correct, that will change soon. Robert first made his mark with the hardcore-metal hybrid Life of Agony, specifically with their 1993 debut album River Runs Red, now considered an all-time classic. Six years and two albums (Ugly, Soul Searching Sun) later, the group disbanded. Robert’s then formed Among Thieves, a modern alternative rock band that should have gotten more attention than they did. The band released a few demos, followed by a full-length and live album (both available only as imports), and, then, they also disbanded.

In 2003, Life of Agony returned—to the stage, anyway. But after some successful reunion shows and a live album, the band officially reformed and released Broken Valley two years later. Life of Agony still goes strong today, and Robert’s newest band, Spoiler NYC, is preparing to release the follow-up to 2006s Grease Fire in Hell’s Kitchen. Life is good.

But Robert’s is not sitting idle. He’s been a bassist, a singer, a songwriter, a graphic designer, and now he’s branching out beyond the music industry with the upcoming release of his horror comic Wire Hangers. And recently he was kind enough to speak to me about that and more. Dig it!


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First Teaser Trailer for John Skipp’s Rose

John Skipp has unleashed Please Stand By, the first teaser trailer for his upcoming feature film Rose: The 3D Zombie Puppet Musical.

Of the trailer, Skipp says: “It’s two minutes of whacked-out laffs and flesh-eating mayhem, introducing Chase McKenna in the indelible title role. (And author Cody Goodfellow as the heartwarming Homeless Moe!)

To make Rose happen, Skipp and those involved with the project are making a direct appeal to fans to help fund the 3D zombie puppet musical. You can join in on this collaborative fan experience by visiting the project’s Kickstarter page.

You can also “like” them on Facebook and listen to songs from the movie’s soundtrack by clicking here.

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