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The Frequency Brothers is a rock band on the cusp of great success. After a sold-out concert in Texas, they board their small private plane to go to a video shoot in New York. But their plane goes down in a forest and they end up fighting for survival—not only due to injuries, but because there is something in the forest stalking them.

At first the creature just takes their dead—but why? And where are they being taken?

The answers to these questions are frightening, especially as one by one they are led away from the relative safety of the crash site to a sinkhole in the middle of the forest that contains something horrifying.

Will any of them make it out of the forest alive?

Down, Nate Southard’s fifth and latest novel, is an exciting and creepy adventure story. The description of the plane crash is realistic and scary. (I’m glad I didn’t read this before flying to Las Vegas for KillerCon!) The first half of the book had me riveted; however, I was a little disappointed in the second half.

Once the story got into the supernatural, it fell a little flat. That aspect of the story made little sense, and was never explained. There was no reason given for the monster’s existence, what the symbols were for, and how the pit/sinkhole came to being.

But overall, Down is a good story, one most horror lovers would enjoy. This is the first I’ve read of Nate Southard, but I’m looking forward to more of his work.

Down is available through Sinister Grin Press, and other online retailers.

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