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Support the Community

A push toward small, locally owned establishments has become more mainstream in the last five years. I support this movement, because the individuals behind small businesses are often passionate, hardworking people that by default enrich the community around them.

This statement couldn’t be more true for Patty Cryan, owner of Annie’s Book Stop of Worchester. She has owned the book store for the past three years and in that time has become a well-loved member of the literary community. Her support of local authors is stalwart and her dedication toward horror writers specifically deserves mention.

Due to unforeseen medical expenses, Patty needs help from her community, our community. Please consider donating toward an establishment and a business owner who has so passionately supported those around her. Even a small amount would help.

If you cannot donate, please share this post with those who can. There are four days left of the fundraiser, and this Totemite would love to see Patty reach her goal.

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James Newman’s Holy Rollers: The Short Film

Your help is needed. Watch this video…

[ click here for a conversation with director Kevin Woods ]

Now go here.

I’m disappointed this has yet to reach its goal. I’ve seen people raise $5,000 or more for an anthology, and we all know that it doesn’t cost nearly half that much.

There have been charity anthologies published, paid for by pledgers, with proceeds from sales going to the charity. Proceeds from SALES! Thousands of dollars in donations to create something that will generate hundreds of dollars in donations to the charity, if that. Seems utterly ass-backwards, doesn’t it?

Worse, there are now magazines being funded by Kickstarter campaigns—and they’re making a killing! Now tell me, what happens when these magazines don’t make their funding goal? Who’s going to pay then? Surely not the publishers.

I’ve seen other people donate to someone who wants to take six months off from work to write a novel. People donate money so someone else can do this! Seriously. Stephen King used to write in his laundry room, with a board across his lap and a typewriter on top of the board—all while being a teacher, a husband, and a father—and some of you want donations so you can quit your job and write your novel? Bitch, please.

So I find it disheartening to see this Holy Rollers campaign failing to reach its goal.

James Newman is one of the sweetest, kindest writers in the small press. Better yet, he’s also one of the BEST writers around! He may not be the loudest in the room, or the most adept at spamming you on Facebook and Twitter, but he is undoubtedly the kind of writer we need to rally around—because he’s not blowing smoke up anyone’s ass, trying to impress you with stuff that doesn’t matter; James just writes, and he does it goddamn well.

And Holy Rollers deserves a shot. So please visit the Indiegogo page, check out the perks, and consider donating. There’s not much time left, but there is enough.

Please share this!

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