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And the January 2014 Flash Fiction Contest Winner is…

J. Kyle Turner

Kyle won with his story “Everybody Needs.” And on the one-year anniversary of his last First Place win!

The prompt for this month’s contest was this discovery of century-old negatives found in the Antarctic. For this contest, I asked the authors to tell us about one or more negatives from the past that, when found in present time, reveal something much more sinister. Though I asked that the setting be a “wintry” one, they were not required to set their tale in the Antarctic or 100 years in the past.

Second Place winner was Shock Totem #7 author Amberle L. Husbands, and Third Place went to Aimee Blume. Kyle’s story will now go into the running for the overall winner for 2014, to be determined later this year.

So a big congratulations to all the winners!

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And the May Flash Fiction Contest Winner is…

Michael Wehunt

Back to back wins! Michael Wehunt also won March’s contest. This month he took First Place with his story “Stabat Mater.”

This month’s prompt was based on this Harlan Ellison quote from a recent Tor.com interview:

“In the introduction to this new edition of Web of the City, Ellison writes of a possible legend about Ernest Hemingway intentionally destroying his first novel. From the introduction:

“Yes, the story goes, Hemingway had written a book before The Sun Also Rises, and there he was aboard a ship, steaming either here or there; and he was at the rail, leaning over, thinking, and then he took the boxed manuscript of the book…and threw it into the ocean. Apparently on the theory that no one should ever read a writer’s first novel.”

This quote was referring to the reissue of Ellison’s first novel. For the contest prompt, I asked participants to write about tossing away their firstborn child and base it on the same theory Ellison describes above. I also asked that they not take the easy road and write something that involves sacrificial/religious offerings.

Michael Wehunt stepped up and scored his third First Place finish, the sixth time he’s been in the top three—in just seven contests! Impressive, indeed.

In Second Place was past winner J. Kyle Turner and his story “Song of a Dying Country.” Third Place was taken by Brian White, with his tale “Balancing Act.”

So a big congratulations to all!

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And the January Flash Fiction Contest Winner is…

J. Kyle Turner

J. Kyle won with his story “Xuan the Tiger.”

The prompt for this first contest of 2013 was based on this terribly tragic article, particularly this line: “She was dying a death that was meant for someone else.”

J. Kyle’s story won decisively, receiving nearly double the Second Place votes.

In Second Place was “Balladyna,” by Michael Wehunt, his fourth Top 3 finish. He’ll also be appearing in our soon-to-be-release sixth issue.

Rounding things out, in Third Place, was Amanda C. Davis’s “Omen.” Amanda is also no stranger to the winners circle; we’ve hosted sixteen contests thus far and Amanda has made the Top 3 seven times!

So a big congratulations to all!

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