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Ghost Hunting with TAPS

It was with some glee that I got my hands on Ghost Hunting: True Stories of the Unexplained Phenomena from The Atlantic Paranormal Society, by Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, and with Michael Jan Friedman. Who doesn’t love a slightly creepy, slightly campy glimpse into ghost hunting? After all, I almost signed up for a ghost hunting class while living in Seattle!  (I almost signed up for helicopter piloting and broadsword, as well.  I have the attention span of—shiny!)

I’m familiar with the show and the “try to debunk it” view that TAPS. takes of the paranormal. I was hoping that this book would delve into some of the more interesting cases.

It did hit a large number of cases, but I was disappointed in how briefly each case is discussed. Each chapter covers one case and the average chapter is about four pages long. It briefly runs over what you saw in the show with very little added. Each chapter is told from Jason’s perspective and Grant chimes in at the end with a few summing up sentences. All in all, not what I expected. Aw.

The best part about this book, however, is seeing Jason’s views on the other TAPS members. He’ll say, “So-and-So broke the equipment” and “So-and-So is a workhorse,” and I enjoyed that sort of thing. This book was quick, cheap fun and while I wanted more substance out of it, I scarfed it like a bag of Doritos.

Ghost Hunting is literary junk food and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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