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Tales from the Metalnomicon: James Newman

We here at Shock Totem HQ are big fans of Decibel Magazine, and we’ve been very privileged to have a fan in one of their writers.

Shawn Macomber has featured Shock Totem on the Deciblog in the past, and just recently he invited James Newman to stop by and drop some knowledge on writing and music for his Tales from the Metalnomicon feature.

Looking for inspiration? Click here.

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A Conversation with James Newman

James Newman…a Southern Gentlemen who gave us the novels Midnight Rain and The Wicked, as well as such novellas as the co-authored Night of the Loving Dead, with James Futch, and Holy Rollers. And his latest novel, Animosity, was just released through Necessary Evil Press.

Newman was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to sit and chew the fat with me…

JB: James, we’ve known each other a few years, met up—where was it, the old Horror Channel board? I don’t recall, do you?

JN: I think that’s right. Of course, I can barely remember what I did last week, half the time. I used to think it was because I’d smoked too much weed back in the day. Now I know it’s just ’cause I’m getting old.

Seriously, though, thanks for asking me to do this. It’s always a pleasure talking to you, John.


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Animosity Killed the Cat

James Newman, whom we first interviewed in issue #2, has been giving us the dark side of humanity for years. Through the characters of his novels and stories. He knows how to take everyday folks and everyday scenarios and skew them into something disturbing and dark. Be it the story of a young boy’s fraying tether to his youth in Midnight Rain, or the populace of his collection People Are Strange, with Newman…you never quite get what you think he’s offering: This writer’s hand often extends with a palm full of candy—candy that turns to worms and razors when you take it. I cannot think of any finer praise for his work than that.

His latest novel, Animosity, promises to leave all the others in the dust. It is a harrowing and intense book. I was fortunate enough to get an early copy and read it in days. Amazing and honest. Absorbing. I could keep listing adjectives but I won’t. It’s a great book, and as soon as it becomes available to the public, grab it. It is ready to be pre-ordered, in limited/signed hardcover edition here, Necessary Evil Press.

Here is the book trailer for Newman’s Animosity.

Dig on it!

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