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Ad Nauseam

Ad Nauseam, a collection of unsettling and often extreme stories from C.W. Lasart,  is a wonderful way to spend a weekend. It’s full of sex and gore and weird scenarios, all the things a good weekend should have in its list of ingredients.

The opener, “Simple Pleasures,” is a brow-furrower about a less than smart man and the strange…um, sexy holes that invade his property. “Widow” has arachnophobes running for the door, while “Angel Lust” tackles the sorry void in snuff/corpse erection/porn fiction.

“Retirement Woes” is a lot deeper than it initially reads, and a bit nastier as well. “Lunch Date with Loa Loa” is a great tale about ghosts and eye worms. “Bone Phone” is an example of one’s past coming to call—literally.

“Sister Alice’s Suitor” is a gory diorama of loneliness and jealousies and the oftentimes bad choices they bully us into making. “The Hand That Feeds” is a sweet story of a grandfather entertaining his grandchildren with stories from the past, except that these tales involve a morbidly obese sociopath and implied cannibalism.

The whole batch was great, but I only cited some here. This in no way implies the others are of a lesser caliber—they are not. All the stories are well written and sure to shock and, if you’re a little bit of a sicko, titillate. If you have a strong stomach and a sense of adventure, spend a little time with Ms. Lasart and let her show you a good time.

Ad Nauseam was released by Dark Moon Books in 2012.

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Kit Power is a kind soul and a fellow metalhead, so when he reached out to me about reading this self-published story, Lifeline, I said sure. When I received in the mail a one-of-a-kind print and signed hard copy, I was duty bound.

With this story, actually part of a trio of tales that almost tie together, Power delivers a sliver of sheer brutality and nastiness that is unbridled. The premise is hatefully simple: a working class Joe is abducted for no reason other than to be tortured to death by a complete stranger. That’s the meat of the matter.

Where the story shines is the nearly claustrophobic attention and immersion into the terrified and pain-addled thoughts of our hopeful hero. The small details—noting the passing of time by what song is playing on a CD, killer/victim bonding over a concert shirt, etc.—that nail this puppy home are the things that made it so special, things that fellow metalheads and other music fans will totally get and revel in.

The simple cover art was handled by Greg Chapman. The story is self-published and offered as an Amazon exclusive. Kit also says it is DRM free, so it is convertible to be read on anything. Give it a go.

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